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A Premier San Francisco Bay Area Real Estate Development, Investment & Financing Platform.

Behring’s 60-year family history in real estate development has lead to the establishment of the industry’s first private “Full Stack” development platform. Private equity was always reserved for the massive institutions who dont want anything to do with regular investors, Crowdfunding gives access but was always stuck with the “last-pick” in deals; Behring’s platform is the opposite. Our global experience and local expertise creates unique access to a complete platform that combines all stages of development, construction and investment financing, to minimize cost and increase cash flow to investors.

Direct Access to the Bay Area’s Top Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Invest in institutional-quality, multi-family real estate assets located in the San Francisco Bay Area without all of the high costs.

Diversify with Real Estate

Our platform will help you to diversify beyond public market equities and bonds.  Private real estate can significantly reduce your risk and improve stability over the long-term.

Grow Your Wealth

Invest in real estate to grow your wealth through appreciation in value that is recognized at the time of exit.  Even enjoy the possibility of passive income by way of periodic disbursements over the course of ownership.

Our Investment Options

Real Estate Funds

Invest in our open-ended and close-ended funds that are focused on high value, mixed-used residential real estate.  We target investments with greater than 15% IRRs and 2x equity returns as well as significant cash-on-cash returns.

  • 100% passive investment
  • Greater than 15% IRRs
  • Tax benefits of long-term investments

EB-5 Investments

Invest with Behring and earn your permanent residency today. We serve investors from over 25 countries and maintain a 100% investor approval history with USCIS to date through our EB-5 Regional Center, Behring Regional Center LLC.

  • Earn your greencard
  • Invest in top-quality projects
  • Protect your investment

Lending Funds

Behring’s Unity Lender fund finances the construction of real estate and helps companies accelerate the growth curve with additional start-up funds.  Investors could earn fixed income while mitigating risk with rights to equity.

  • Earn 8%-plus returns
  • Convertible debt options
  • Diversify your investments

Why Invest With Behring?

Leveraging our 60-year family history of development and successful investment, BehringCo has cultivated an integrated real estate platform that adds value in every phase of development: underwriting acquisitions, smart design and pre-construction programming, engineering and construction, international sourcing and procurement, financing and operations, refinancing and exit. Our investors can earn greater than 15% annualized returns because we have reduced the fragmentation inherent to the real estate industry.

How It Works

6 Easy Steps to Invest

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Schedule a meeting with one of our investment experts today to discuss all available investment options currently available.

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Verify accredited investor status to access all investment securities offerings and details.

Review Investment Options

Review all offering materials online in our investor platform and ask questions.

Subscribe Online and Fund Investment

Execute all subscription documents through easy-to-use online forms.  Fund your investment via ACH or Wire Transfer online.

Manage Portfolio

Track and manage investments and documents. Receive updates on companies in your portfolio.

Receive Proceeds and Exit

Whether periodic cash flow is available or a real estate project is sold or refinanced, we will distribute proceeds to you.

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