The Bay Area’s First Full Stack Real Estate Platform

Maximizing real estate performance through a completely integrated approach from acquisition to exit.

Behring’s Real Estate Ecosystem

Behring’s “Full-Stack” integrated real estate platform improves the way we develop, design, build, finance and use space. The end result is higher quality, lower cost and more value delivered straight to investors.

Industry expertise and next-level execution built on a 60-year family history of success.



Acquisitions, Entitlement, Underwriting & Valuation, Development Services



Architectural design, interior design, programming , customized FF&E


Sourcing & Procurement

Global supply chain for directly sourcing our premium designs at a discount


Private Equity

Investment platform offering equity, preferred equity and debt investments


EB-5 Investments

Immigration based investments qualified for the EB-5 Program.


Stak Ventures

Asset management solution integrates Live, Work, Play and Go

Behring’s Legacy in Real Estate

60 Years

and 3 Gen. Of Real Estate Development History

$15 Billion

Of Real Estate Experience

10,000 Acres

Of Transformational Large Scale Projects


Over 180

Institutions & HNW Individuals


26 Countries



6 Sponsored Funds

Since 2013


7,000+ Jobs

Full Time Jobs since 2013

Select Projects

Explore some of Behring’s successful real estate development projects. Our global experience and local expertise creates unique access to a complete platform that combines all stages of development, construction and investment financing, to minimize cost and increase cash flow to investors.

1900 Broadway

  • Oakland, CA
  • Mixed-Use Residential Apartments
  • Equity & Debt

The Grad

  • Oakland, CA
  • Mixed-Use Residential Apartments
  • Equity & Debt

Madison Park

  • Oakland, CA
  • Mixed-Use Residential Apartments
  • Equity & Debt

Landing at College Square

  • Oakland, CA
  • Mixed-Use Residential Apartments
  • Equity & Debt

Investment Options

Invest in institutional-quality, multi-family real estate assets located in the San Francisco Bay Area without all of the high costs.


Equity Ownership

Invest alongside Behring and build long-term wealth through ownership of real estate.


Fixed Income

Earn strong steady cash-flow through loan-style investments with various protections and guarantees.


EB-5 Immigration

Full-service immigration investment opportunities to earn U.S. permanent residency (green card).

Other Ways to Invest With Behring:


Fund Investments

Invest in one of Behring’s real estate funds, the simplest way to participate in Behring’s Platform.


Separate Accounts

Qualified institutions and individuals can invest through a separate account alongside Behring.


Syndicate Investments

Rare, opportunistic investments present to you right as they occur.


Build Your Own Portfolio

Diversify your risk and returns by picking a variety of investment positions.


Let us Build a Portfolio For You

Simplify your process and let Behring do the heavy lifting.

What You Get With Behring

Alignment of Interest

Our platform is structured to deliver value to the investors first and foremost

High Quality Assets

Trophy quality deals in the San Francisco Bay Area and more

Direct Access at the Developer Level

We cut out the Middlemen to lower costs and reduce layers

Lower Capital Costs

Utilize low-cost construction loans, mezzanine financing, and preferred equity to enhance returns

Stronger Returns

Our integrated operations lead to high asset values

Modern Digital Investment Portal

Live updates, stronger communication, and increased transparency vs. other platforms


Various asset types to choose from, customize your risk and return targets based on your personal needs

Lower Cost Construction

Our integrated development model targets to minimize cost basis for long term investors

Behring In The News


Press, Blogs & Media

Understanding 1031 Exchanges and Incompatibility with EB-5 Investments

Can I use a 1031 exchange to invest in an EB-5 investment? Many people ask us “Can I use a 1031 exchange to invest in an EB-5 investment? While there are always wide out-side and rare cases where it does work, for simple answer is “NO”. Here is an explanation of why as well as

U.S. Congress Issues Letter to USCIS Clarifying Immediate Reauthorization of EB-5 Regional Centers

Today, May 9th, 2022, Congress issued a detailed letter to USCIS clarifying U.S. Congressional intent regarding the 2022 Integrity and Reform Act and the implicit reauthorization of the EB-5 Regional Centers that go with it. Previously, USCIS provided a wrongful interpretation that turned into guidance that due to the new 2022 RIA that EB-5 Regional

General Security Announcement: Beware of Scams and Fake Websites

Behring has been made aware that individuals have been contacted by someone posing as a representative of Behring Co. through a poorly designed spoofing scam websites created in an attempt to mimic our own websites. Learn more about “spoofing” here. These websites use the Behring name These domains are FAKE:

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