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The San Francisco Bay Area’s premier vertically integrated real estate platform. Every day we work to lower costs at every step of the development process. Lower costs means higher returns for you.

We have cultivated our vertically-integrated real estate platform through 60+ years of family history in global real estate development and investment. We take a hands-on, value engineering approach to optimize and enhance development of trophy assets located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

From feasibility to design through pre-construction and construction, our team is involved to achieve the best outcome. We embrace new technologies and tactics that flatten the construction process, enhance our resident experiences and reward our investors. Our team sets out to unlock value at every step of the development process and solve problems that are often viewed as unsolvable.

Unlocking More Value With Behring

Dynamic Underwriting

We have developed dynamic financial models that unlock value in the underwriting process by leveraging localized revenue metrics, entitlement requirements, and global datasets for design, engineering, labor and material procurement.

Construction BIM Modeling

Our partners use an intelligent 3D model-based process that gives architecture, engineering, and construction professionals the insight and tools to more efficiently plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure.

Space-as-a-Service, uniquely enabled by technology

Our mixed-use, master planned development approach seeks to solve everyone’s need for space—from individuals to corporations—in a way the that maximizes “Live-Work-Play.” We create the most comprehensive Space-as-a-Service through technology-enhanced operations, robotic furniture, smart building access, co-living, co-working, car-sharing, pop-up hotels, and more. Our integrated approach can act as the sole provider of space at a 35% discount to market alternatives.


Maximize living space through robotic furniture to get the most out of every square foot. Co-living provides a market-based solution to “affordable housing.” Zero-commute lifestyle enabled with properties that integrate work, life, and play. Smart-home technology and hotel-style in amenities in a vibrant community to enhance residential life.


Smarter corporate housing that improves employee lifestyle and reduces costs through corporate benefit plans and co-working space.

Integrated, Lifestyle-Focused Real Estate

Stak Tower


Stak Club


Stak Space


Stak Stay

Pop Up Hotel

Stak Go

Private Fleet

Stak Rewards

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