Design Management Expertise

Design Management Expertise

In-house design expertise leads our ability to underwrite, entitle, budget and market our projects.  The process is so critical we deeply involve our design team from acquisition to exit.

Conceptual Design (Entitlement)

During entitlement, our design expertise contributes to establishing the business plan around a conceptual design and program that will be embraced by the community, is economically feasible and delivers the high quailty projects we are known for.

Programming and Financial Optimization

Our design team utilizes advanced financial modeling and proprietary data to optimize designs against iterative variables including entitlement constraints, sourcing, construction, finance and operations.

3D Renderings

3D Renderings are an essential tool that can bring our development vision to life through architectural design. An indispensable asset when it comes to entitlement, construction and marketing, 3D renderings are a necessity to our process.

VR & 360 Pano’s

Virtual reality has been made an affordable option for marketing a projects vision before construction ever occurs. VR contributes to everyting from helping sub-contractors understand design intent and price more accurately to assisting the operations team in achieving higher preleasing success.

Interior ID Sets

With our in-house architectural team, we are able to produce advanced interior architecture and ID-set drawings. By providing vivid detail and highly specified design criterion, we can pull construction costs into a more competitive bidding environment, reduce the overall budget and increase price predictability.

Value Engineering

During the life of a project, many things can change. Material costs can escalate rapidly, supply chains become disrupted and even market tastes can instantly adjust. When major changes are needed to recover a budget bust, our value engineering can save a project from what otherwise could lead to financial implosion.

Digital Marketing

Our design teams integration extends beyond the buildings drawings and into the marketing world to establish auxillary design items including property branding, identity, website marketing materials including 3D color plans, mood boards, finish boards and everything needed to share our vision with future tenants and users.

Integrated Design Strategy

Integration of design with other project elements requires upfront planning, analysis and commitment. Before bringing certain project trades in-house, it is important to insulate the decision from other variables. Our design planning capabilities outline the course for project development to optimize outcomes from the onset.

A & E Team Assemblage

Prior to any other development activity, it is crucial to identify the optimal design and engineering consultants to onboard and join the investment team. Our experience and expertise help make the right choice and set the project up for success going forward.