Integrated Real Estate Development Platform

Next-Gen real estate development in the San Francisco Bay Area

The Behring family history in development started back in 1957 and continues to deliver outstanding projects through its entrepreneurial spirit, thirst for innovation and persistence to deliver transformational real estate. Our long history has resulted in a vertically integrated platform that is full service. We take pride in steering our projects “full-cycle” from acquisition to exit.


Our thorough underwriting approach analyzes a potential property acquisition from the top-down, identifying a narrow channel of probable risk and returns prior to purchase. Macro opinions are built on proprietary and third-party research reports, cross-checked against micro-trends and local development conditions as well as property-specific circumstances. Having successfully completed deals in the San Francisco Bay Area, our block-by-block inside knowledge separates us from the “outsiders” casually just “buying the market”. We thoroughly prepare institutional quality investor committee presentations for our partners, investors and capital markets stakeholder prior to any transaction.


California, and especially the San Francisco Bay Area has an incredibly difficult entitlement environment. As such, Behring’s ability to navigate entitlement processes has created significant value. Behring has experience entitling thousands of acres of property for various asset types including single-family master-planned communities, multifamily, commercial office, retail, senior living, fitness and entertainment and more. Project and housing scarcity in California is infamously driven by how hard it is to get new projects entitled and under construction and we have repeatedly navigated those channels with success. Behring has particular experience buying entitled sites and improving the architectural program within the entitlements to increase residual value without the added risk and schedule delay of starting the process anew.

Design & Engineering Management

Behring’s integrated development platform delivers significant value through its direct design and engineering management capabilities. Behring integrated these processes internally because the entire acquisition, entitlement and construction budgeting relies on the design and engineering expertise to make intelligent decisions to unlock maximum value. Design and engineering decisions use iterative data analysis from our sourcing and procurement team and construction management team to deliver the highest quality design while protecting project budget and profitability. Integration and data-sharing is key to making optimal development decisions.

Sourcing and Procurement

Behring has been developing and investing internationally since the year 2000. Throughout the last 20 years, Behring has capitalized on globalization trends building a network of suppliers and manufacturers of construction and finish materials.

Construction Management

Behring’s internal team participates in the construction management process to execute on the vision of the project and ultimately deliver a high-quality property. The construction team is pivotal in maintaining pricing and cost data for the design and engineering management teams to utilize as input for acquisition and entitlement teams at the onset of project starts. The constant iteration and partnership amongst the platform is how we deliver outsized quality and returns.


Financing real estate and properly deploying leverage to achieve desirable returns is critical to Behring and its investors. It became so critical that we developed our own digital investment platform that dynamically sources debt, mezzanine debt, preferred equity and common equity for various ventures. Behring is one of the foremost leading experts on EB-5 investment and financing having established the Behring Regional Center in 2013 and has successfully raised over $100 million in EB-5 capital from over 26 countries worldwide. Behring’s Unity Lender is also a leading source of unsecured lending for alternative investments.


When a real estate development business plan completes and market conditions align, it comes time to harvest the value created within a Behring real estate investment. Running the sale process to exit an asset takes substantial preparation, precision and negotiating expertise to maximize returns and partition any future risk or liability. Behring’s extensive buyer and sales network paired with a legacy reputation brings special opportunities to achieve maximum value.