What are the protections and guarantees in the Berkeley Regional Center EB-5 projects?

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Below is a list of various protections and guarantees that Behring has offered in its EB-5 projects. Every project is different and the EB-5 investor should see each specific project’s offering documents for details.

I-526 Money Back Guarantee

This guarantee ensures that the EB-5 investors I-526 petition will be approved or the EB-5 investor is refunded 100% of their EB-5 capital and administrative fees.

Break Ground Guarantee

This guarantee permits that the project is fully funded and nothing but procedural items remain in order to start construction. The projects ownership and developer are committed to pushing forward and starting construction.

Construction Completion Guarantee

The Construction Completion Guarantee is when the project, it’s developer or it’s ownership guarantees that the project will be completed. It will not have risk of being partially built, abandoned or fail to finish it’s construction. This is a tremendous protection for EB-5 investors knowing that if their money comes out of escrow and is invested into the project, the asset that would be their security absolutely will be finished.

Indirect Job Creation Guarantee

The project guarantees that it has indirect job creation as its primary method to meet the investors minimum investment requirement. Indirect jobs are reliable, highly transparent and far less risky from a USCIS approval perspective. The Berkeley Regional Center EB-5 projects typically uses RIMS-II in it’s economic analysis to show sufficient job creation.

Corporate Repayment Guarantee

The Corporate Repayment Guarantee ensures that the EB-5 investor will be repaid at the end of the investment. The Corporate Repayment Guarantee typically is secured by the developer, their balance sheet or other assets that will ensure repayment of the EB-5 investors funds. Corporate Repayment Guarantees are likely only associated with loan style investments.

See an available EB-5 Project with these protections and guarantees.